Check out the hottest new badge for advertising to hit the market!.... Use it for advertising your website, or promoting your favorite sports team or race driver....Don't your order today!!!!!

  • Best money you'll ever spend on advertising your website
  • For complete description look below
  • Can be purchase pre-programmed or with software to program it yourself
  • Can be programmed with up to 118 characters
  • Can be programmed over and over again with different messages
  • Runs approximately 16 hours solid on one battery
  • Batteries are inexpensive and can be purchase at any Wal-Mart or drug store
Pre-programmed Digital Badge

Qty:     Price: $47.95

Pre-programmed digital badge with your choice of messages and two Cr2032 button cell batteries.

Deluxe Badge Kit

Qty:    Price: $57.95

The Deluxe Badge kit comes with one badge, serial cable, IR blaster, programming software, and two Cr2032 button cell batteries.

Best promotional dollars you will ever spend and can be re-programmed over and over for different events. Great for promoting the following.....

Charity Events, Fund Raising Parties, Church Socials, "GO BEARS", Trade Shows, Rock Concerts, Bars, Sporting events,"We love McNair", Stores, Restaurants, Birthday parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Casinos, Banks, Marathons, Political Rallies, "GO TITANS", Road Rallies, NASCAR(who's your favorite driver) Religious get togethers, Craft Shows, "GO UT", get noticed, Unlimited uses........

Have your message seen!

What are you waiting for ? Make a statement about your product, your website, your special sales. What better way to get attention than with this bright ATTENTION GETTING Digital Badge which will focus customers attention to your message(Check us out !)or to your web site,

Size of the badge is: 3.2" x 2.7" x 0.250"

The badge attaches via magnetic clip.

Holds programming even without the battery.

The Deluxe kit comes with one badge, serial cable, IR blaster, programming software, and two Cr2032 button cell batteries. Uses one inexpensive Cr2032 button cell battery with a life around 16 hours, battery is easily replaced and can be purchased through our website or at most Department or Drug Stores.

Kit comes with very easy to use software to program with your desktop or laptop computer using the serial port.

Note: You only need one Deluxe kit to program unlimited Digital Badges. Example you have a store with four employees, you purchase one Deluxe Kit and three Regular Badges and program all 4 with the same software over and over again.

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